Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hanging yarn art

I have been looking for a statement piece of art/mirror/decoration to hang over our master bed for the longest time. I like unique artwork and with that usually comes a hefty price tag... I don't like hefty price tags, I like getting things for cheap. I have noticed in the blogging world that hanging woven tapestries are very on-trend,  but I wasn't ready to commit to making a loom for this project.

I announce the hanging yarn wall art- a project decided on because of cheap-ness and laziness!

but I think its pretty cute :) Total cost was around 20 (and now I have TONS of leftover yarn)

Wooden Dowel-Lowes
Yarn- any craft sore
Paint- Spray or craft acrylic
I purchased my dowel at lowes because they came in a 48 inch length vs the 36 inch length they sold at hobby lobby. I  have a king bed if that puts the picture more into perspective.
1.Paint your dowel- paint, stain or leave it natural, I chose a gold metallic craft paint.
2. I placed the wood between two chairs, this way you can kind of see what your project will look like, and it makes it easier to assemble
3. Start cutting your yarn, I would loop it around both my hands about 6 or 7 times, then knot it on the dowel, and cut the loop at the bottom
4. Go crazy with colors and lengths. I made sure my lengths were longer then I thought I would want so that I could trim them later.
5. you are done! hooray!
isn't that easy? I think it took me about an hour and a half total.. not including paint dry time.

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