Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ikea Lack to Tufted Ottoman HACK

If you are a follower of my instagram or FB then you probably have seen my most recent project...My beautiful new ottoman that I made with our old Lack coffee table, and about $65 in supplies.

Here is the breakdown

Old Coffee Table-FREE
Foam- 3 inch camping foam pad from home depot. It cost 19.00 for one sheet and I had leftovers
Quilt batting- I used 1/4 inch batting, i got the twin bed size and I had extra even when I folded it. around 4 bucks from Joann's (50% off coupon)
Fabric- I used upholstery fabric that matched my couch. it was 24.99 for two yards after 50% off
Nail head Trim- This is from Joann's and its AWESOME 13.00 (40%off coupon) for 5 yards
Button kit-these are in the button section. I think it was about $8.00 to make 9 buttons.
Giant Needle- I used a Doll needle, it was about 4 inches long... but I wish I had a longer one to get through all that foam. 1.99
Upholstery thread-2.99  I used black, the color wont matter, you will never see it.
Spray Adhesive-I bought the cheap stuff and regretted it. 3.99 (40% off coupon)

Part One

First thing you want you want to do is to disassemble your coffee table and pick a good TV show to play in the background. This project spanned me two major crafting sessions of about 3-5 hours each.. or longer if you are pregnant and your joints turn to stone when you sit on the floor.

I measured a grid out on my table with blue tape so I would know where to drill the holes for the buttons.

I decided on 8 buttons. after you measure it out, use a drill to drill through both layers of wood.

Next cut the foam to size for the top of your table. I used a sharp kitchen knife, and it seemed to work decently. I also have read an electric bread knife works wonders. The foam wasn't the perfect size so I pieced it together.

Next use your spray adhesive to stick your foam to the table. I would spray both the foam and the table surface to get it to stick. I originally just sprayed the table and when I went to flip the table the foam slid right off. Make sure you have something under your work surface, the adhesive sprays out in a mist and will get your floors all sticky.

Flip the table and lay your Batting down on the floor. the batting helps give your ottoman rounded edges, and also it covers any imperfections that you may have in your foam. I was worried about the seam showing where I pieced the foam together.. but the batting covered it up.

I  used a heavy duty staple gun with the largest size staples to make sure it held up.

Next do the same with the fabric you have chosen. I started with the center of each side and I pulled my fabric pretty tight (I didn't want to risk loose wavy fabric or creases) For the corners I experimented with the folding, there wasn't a method.. I just made sure I did the same fold on each corner.

Staple the fabric every quarter inch or so around the edge to make sure it doesn't pull weird. I would also recommend stapling it again farther into the table so you don't see the ugly batting peaking out. 
Flip it over and TA-DA!

Now go eat a Popsicle because you are exhausted, your back hurts and you are officially done with part one!

Part Two: Tufting

Tufting was the part that really scared me about this project. I had never done anything like it before, and to be honest I went in without a whole lot of knowledge or strategy.

The first thing I did was make my buttons. I used scrap fabric and a button covering kit that I bought at Joann's. It was easy enough when following the directions on the package. 

Take your threaded needle and guide it through your two layers of wood from the table and into the foam. You will want at least a 4 inch needle but longer would be helpful. I then pushed down on the foam until I found the needle (be careful not to skewer your hand!) pull the needle through the foam and batting. add your button and then guide the needle back through the foam and again through the holes you drilled in the coffee table.

I then enlisted the help of Stephanie to push the buttons down into the foam to create a deep tufted look, while I tied off the thread. It is nice to have help with this, if I was doing it alone I would never be able to get the deep tufts that I wanted.
I read other tutorials that used balled up fabric to keep the tension of the tufts.. but here is what I used.
while Stephanie pushed the button I tied off the thread to a washer (or a random IKEA part that was in our toolbox) this allowed me to keep the tension where I wanted it, and without stapling the thread to the bottom of the table.

It took me about 45 minutes to do all 8 buttons.

The final step was the nail head trim. the trim I bought was awesome, it came on a roll and you only had to hammer in a nail every 5 nails or so. I used one roll and it only took me 15-20 minutes to go around the whole table.

Finally, re-attach the legs and shelf and you are done!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Love You More Pillows

I have been trying to think of a theme and color scheme for our master bedroom for the longest time. I would go back and forth but never would I commit. I would see too many different ideas that I liked! so when we moved into our new place I decided a real cohesive master bedroom was in order. Nate and I decided on coral, grey and gold. (say what? gold? actually Nate didn't agree to this part but I started sneaking it in and now there is no turning back muahaha) Nate gave me a sewing machine for our two year anniversary last month and so I pulled it out last night to make these two pillows for our bed. 

This project cost me a total of $4.00

Fabric- FREE I used a sheet that came with our bedding set. I wanted to use the same fabric because coral can be a tricky color to match. plus this was my first sewing project with my new machine so I wanted to practice with something I didn't invest my crafting monies on.

Paint-4.00 Fabric paint. I got this at hobby lobby with my 40%off coupon. I looked everywhere for the textile medium (you can mix this with any acrylic paint to make it fabric paint but I couldn't find it anywhere) I debated using regular acrylic paint but I didn't want the design to be stiff. I settled for some paint on fabric paint in gold. it was by the puff paint.

Brushes- Free I already had these... use super fine tip brushes to make the lettering easier.

this project took me about 3 hours start to finish, including sewing time.

The first step is to make covers for your pillows, pretty basic, I made it up as I went along. But one thing I did that was cool was that I used the original  sheet hem so it looks nice and finished on the back


next comes the fun part. Take your cases off the pillows and lay them on the table with cardboard or a magazine on the inside so the paint doesn't bleed through and start painting! I decided on two hearts with text because it has a special meaning to nate and I.

I printed out the font I wanted to use, and I cut a heart out of a manila folder and traced that directly on the fabric. I semi-free handed the letters. it took two coats of paint and it only took about 30 minutes for both to dry!

What do you think? are you as obsessed with gold as I am?? :D

Next up: Gallery Wall

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my blog! this is a place where I want to share my life, recipes, and projects that keep me busy every day.Creativity is my outlet, and DIY projects are my passion. I love finding deals and I hate paying full price for anything! so grab a diet coke and stay a while:)

14 Weeks

Baby Spradlin

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes!
When did you find out you were pregnant? March 5th-ish
Was it planned? Yes, but it happened a lot faster then we expected!
What was your first reaction? I was in shock. I had taken 3 pregnancy tests, all negative! finally I went into the doctor and they did a blood test to confirm. I had a feeling  I was pregnant but I didn't want to get excited because of all the negative tests the past couple weeks.
Who was with you when you found out? I was at work when I got the phone call from the lab.
Who was the first person you told? Nate. I had to wait about 5 hours because I wanted to tell him in person... it was torture!
How did your parents react? They were excited! we told them over Easter.
How far along are you? 14 weeks
What was your first symptom? I was really emotional and tired

 What is your due date? November 10th 2014
Do you know the sex of the baby? nope, we will find out at the beginning of June (elective ultrasound) when I visit Nate, and then confirm with our doctor a couple weeks later
Have you picked out names? we have some picked out but we wont decide until we find out what we are having
How much weight have you gained? -16 LBS so far, this is a combination of morning sickness and eating better. Hoping this loss in the beginning will help me later in the pregnancy.
Food aversions/cravings? aversions-chicken/most meat   Cravings-not too much, smoothies and fresh fruit/veggies
Do you have stretch marks? Nope
Have you felt the baby move? no, well once of twice I think I might have... but I think its too early
Have you heard the heartbeat? nope, not yet. we have only had ultrasounds so far

About the Baby
Home or hospital birth? Hospital
Natural or medicated birth? planning on medicated. don't know if I am tough enough for all natural ;)
Who will be in the delivery room with you? Just Nate
Will you breastfeed? That's the plan
Do you think you’ll need a c-section? hoping no
Would you let someone videotape the birth? No. no.
Are you excited or scared about the birth? I am nervous. especially that its so early, I really don't feel or look pregnant at all yet, I think it will sink in soon and I will think more about the birth