Monday, May 19, 2014

Love You More Pillows

I have been trying to think of a theme and color scheme for our master bedroom for the longest time. I would go back and forth but never would I commit. I would see too many different ideas that I liked! so when we moved into our new place I decided a real cohesive master bedroom was in order. Nate and I decided on coral, grey and gold. (say what? gold? actually Nate didn't agree to this part but I started sneaking it in and now there is no turning back muahaha) Nate gave me a sewing machine for our two year anniversary last month and so I pulled it out last night to make these two pillows for our bed. 

This project cost me a total of $4.00

Fabric- FREE I used a sheet that came with our bedding set. I wanted to use the same fabric because coral can be a tricky color to match. plus this was my first sewing project with my new machine so I wanted to practice with something I didn't invest my crafting monies on.

Paint-4.00 Fabric paint. I got this at hobby lobby with my 40%off coupon. I looked everywhere for the textile medium (you can mix this with any acrylic paint to make it fabric paint but I couldn't find it anywhere) I debated using regular acrylic paint but I didn't want the design to be stiff. I settled for some paint on fabric paint in gold. it was by the puff paint.

Brushes- Free I already had these... use super fine tip brushes to make the lettering easier.

this project took me about 3 hours start to finish, including sewing time.

The first step is to make covers for your pillows, pretty basic, I made it up as I went along. But one thing I did that was cool was that I used the original  sheet hem so it looks nice and finished on the back


next comes the fun part. Take your cases off the pillows and lay them on the table with cardboard or a magazine on the inside so the paint doesn't bleed through and start painting! I decided on two hearts with text because it has a special meaning to nate and I.

I printed out the font I wanted to use, and I cut a heart out of a manila folder and traced that directly on the fabric. I semi-free handed the letters. it took two coats of paint and it only took about 30 minutes for both to dry!

What do you think? are you as obsessed with gold as I am?? :D

Next up: Gallery Wall

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