Tuesday, July 1, 2014

20 weeks

What Fruit are you? Mango
Due date:  November 15th. they moved my due date back 5 days.. I am so depressed.
How far along:  20 weeks..again. haha, I guess its more time to prepare right?
Next appointment:  July 30th
Gender:  its a secret:)
Total weight gain/loss:  i'm at -12LBS since pre-pregnancy weight. starting to get more of a bump.
Exercise: is working 40 hours a week exercise? I am so tired and sore every day that I cant even imagine going to to gym, which is probably a sign that I NEED to go! 
Stretch marks: nada
Swelling:I noticed a little swelling in my hands and feet when I was outside all day in the heat
Maternity clothes: I bought maternity pants! they are magic! not only are they SO much more comfortable.. but I think they help my bump look more like I am pregnant. less like I ate one to many muffins.
Belly button:  innie
Sleep: Ive been sleeping a little better, but I get SO HOT.
Food cravings: not too many this week, more food aversions.
Symptoms: still mostly vegetarian, sciatic pain, and  the cool new symptom is nerve pain in my right arm. I guess its a result of scar tissue being inflammed mixed with pregnancy. I get to wear a super stylish wrist brace. hahah
Movement:  Yes! I feel kicking all the time. I love it Labor signs: no
What I miss:  being able to shop, walk without hurting
What I'm loving: we had our anatomy ultrasound this week, it was great seeing our little one's feet and face:)
What I'm looking forward to: heading to Portland for the 4th!
Best moment this week: My mom was in town this week, and we went to the Gavin DeGraw concert. (wait is this supposed to be pregnancy related? haha)

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