Thursday, October 23, 2014

36 week update!

What Fruit are you? "large cantaloupe" 19-22 inches 6lbs
Due date:  November 15th
How far along: 36w5d
Next appointment:  Had one yesterday, and got some news. our tricky little guy who has been head down the ENTIRE pregnancy decided to flip and is now breech! Its not very common for them to flip this late in the game because there is not much room in there for them to maneuver. we are praying he flips back... if not we have a C-section scheduled for 11/11
Gender:  BOY!  :)
Total weight gain/loss: I don't even want to discuss this. ;)
Stretch marks: No new ones
Swelling: haven't really noticed any, maybe a little at the end of the day after walking a lot. but not enough to complain.
Maternity clothes: yes-maternity pants and I wear all my same shirts basically.
Belly button: innie
Sleep: a little bit better these last couple days! (its the little victories)
Food cravings: sugar sugar sugar!!!! I cant help myself... then I feel guilty...until I am offered more sugary goodness!
Symptoms: Its the last month... I think a better question is what symptoms do I not have? ;)
What I miss:  being able to stand up normally and not like a grandma. and having a bladder larger then a walnut.
What I'm loving: Its the final count down! if we have the C-section that puts me at 19 days!!
What I'm looking forward to: meeting our little guy :)

I don't know if any of you know the struggle of baby boy clothing. 80% of it is weird and has animals all over it or phrases like "daddy's little tiger"... not a fan. anyways I needed some little beanies for Nixon because he will be born in winter but all the ones I could find were so horrible, they had puppies in firetrucks or basketballs embroidered all over them.
you can go to baby gap and find the most adorable clothes and beanies, and then you look at the price tag and they cost the same as your adult size clothes :(
you decide that you could probably make some of those trendy little beanies because how hard could they be... Right?
I made Nixon a little top knot beanie
I followed this picture tutorial-
 It took me about 10 minutes to sew, I made sure to use the original T-shirt hem for the bottom to have a pretty finished edge :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Nixon's Nursery!!

Hello everyone! (more like the 6 of you that read my blog...) some have been asking for a quick tour of the nursery we made for Nixon... Here are some super awesome quality Iphone pictures showing the room. I eventually want to feature different sections of the nursery so I can highlight where I found super awesome deals for nursery furniture... and by then I will have used my camera to take some higher quality shots.

Until then:

Aren't these panoramic shots sweet?

There you go! Now we just await his arrival! :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

33 weeks!

What Fruit are you? Honeydew melon 19 inches and 4.5 Lbs!
Due date:  November 15th
How far along:  33w4d
Next appointment:  Had one today! we have one more 2 week apt and then we switch over to weekly
Gender:  BOY!  :)
Total weight gain/loss: 2 above Pre-Preg weight. so technically I have gained right around 19LBS so far
Stretch marks: I MIGHT have one  on my hip. but I'm hoping that if I ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist it will go away ;)
Swelling: zero! my wedding ring is still on too...wait did I just jinx myself?
Maternity clothes: yes-maternity pants, I don't want to buy anything else because I am so close to the end!
Belly button: My belly button has a mind of its own. one day its all stretched out and then the next day it looks normal. I'm guessing its all dependent on the positioning of my little guy.
Sleep: BOO, I wake up 5 million times a night to go to the bathroom.
Food cravings: crunchy ice! im sure nate loves hearing me crunch on it 24/7 when we are home.
Symptoms: My Iron was super low so I have to take some Iron pills, and also this really cool thing where I feel like I'm being stabbed by 1000 little knives in my upper abdomen.
Movement: I think he has perfected the robot dance. and the worm.. haha
What I miss:  Red Bull slushies, and laying on my stomach
What I'm loving: we have the nursery just about finished:)
What I'm looking forward to: we start our baby class on Saturday.

This is kind of cool, here is a picture of how Nixon's hand compares to what it will be when he is born... We are almost there!!
Cassidy threw me the cutest baby shower a couple weekends ago! I am mad at myself because I didn't take pictures. I am the worst at remembering to take them. so here are a couple that she sent me:
The decorations were adorable and we had a waffle bar for the food. It was so fun having my friends come out and celebrate Nixon! :)