Friday, June 27, 2014

Introducing the "On the Cheap" Series -How to throw a baby shower for under $80

 I am excited to introduce my "On the Cheap" series. These will be posts about creating, hosting, and planning while remaining on budget. I love to get the most out of my money. I am always looking for little ways to save.

I offered to throw a baby shower for one of my very good friends (friends since 4th grade say whaa?) I wanted to host a "classy" event with a limited budget. So I took out a 100.00 bill and told myself I couldn't spend a penny over. (now I turned it into a game.. is that my idea of fun? maybe.. but I have to entertain myself with Nate being gone )

Here is the break down:

Decorations $35
All my decorations were DIY. I got some pretty scrapbook paper for the Lucy banner as well as the heart garland. The Tassle garland was made using this tutorial: Garland Tutorial
Balloons were purchased at Zurchers

These cute gold chevron straws were purchased at hobby lobby using a 40% coupon

The centerpiece was different things I had laying around at home. A gold bird cage, gold candle and then some tissue paper fluffed up to look pretty.

For the cups, plates. bowls-- These colorful plates cost almost $7.00 at Zurchers. Make sure you check out the dollar store first just to see what your options are. I even purchased most of the plastic serving bowls there too.

Food $40
I wanted to keep the food simple, we ate fruit and yogurt dip, rolls with honey butter, assorted pink treats (cookies, taffy, candy)  

I made Oreo truffles recipe here
as well as chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats.
we had Pink lemonade with Sprite to drink.

After everything I came in a little under $80 which is a win in my book, especially when thinking about how much I could have spent alone on decorations :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

18 Weeks

What Fruit are you? Sweet Potato
Due date:  November 10th.
How far along:  18 weeks!! Almost half way there!
Next appointment:  June 30th for my anatomy ultrasound
Gender:  its a secret:)
Total weight gain/loss:  i'm at -15LBS since pre-pregnancy weight. but I feel HUGE!
Exercise: trying to go on walks but I have had nasty sciatic nerve pain that keeps me from being too active, which is hard.
Stretch marks: nada
Maternity clothes: I still fit in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but they are getting uncomfortable.. pants are a pregnant woman's worst nightmare.
Belly button:  innie
Sleep: depends on the day! been having some crazy dreams and that's kind of fun.
Food cravings: I don't know if i've had cravings but I always want ice cream and popsicles and fruit! yum! 
Symptoms: I am still currently a vegetarian (not by choice) back pain, and extreme exhaustion 
Movement:  starting to feel little kicks here and there. so exciting!
Labor signs: nah
What I miss:  meals that include meat.
What I'm loving:  starting to plan our little one's nursery :)
What I'm looking forward to:  visiting Nate in oregon next week!! EEEE!!!!
Best moment this week: I am starting to get a real baby bump. glad I am starting to show a little.